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Hot 48V 12Ah Electric bike battery with Samsung INR1865-30Q

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Product Description

Hot 48V 12Ah Electric bike battery with Samsung INR1865-30Q

Battery Features:

Handy Design 

Lightest battery of the kind in the market. The batteries are approximately 2kgs (24V) and 3.0kgs (36V) in weight, 1/6 & 1/7 of the weight of traditional battery.


Long Cycle Life 

Can be recharged for use for over 800 times. No memory effect. 


OEM Welcome

We can provide you with custom-made service for battery pack sample order and testing. Battery can fit for 

foldable bike, electric sport bike, electronic scooter and electric wheelchair.




Nominal voltage


Nominal capacity

12Ah(Samsung INR18650-30Q battery cell)




12 months


54.6V 2A or 4A or OEM

Charge current

Standard Charging:2A

Rapid charge:4A

Standard Charging method

CC (constant current)- CV(constant voltage)

Charging time

Standard Charging: 6.0-7.0hours (Ref.)

Rapid charge:3.0-4.0 hours (Ref.)

Constant charging current(with protection board)

2A or OEM

Constant discharging current(with protection board)

15A-20A or OEM

Over current protection(with protection)


Discharge cut-off voltage


Operating temperature

Charging: 0°C~45°C

Discharging: -10°C~45°C

Storage temperature


Battery Weight

3.5 kg


Battery Shows:


We offer one year warranty period due to quality problem.

Welcome to visit to our factory!

OEM/ODM, customers design is welcome.

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